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Greg Dew has published six books, two of which--Portside Screw and Subtropical High--are award winners and Amazon #1 Bestsellers. He has traveled extensively through forty-seven of the fifty States, journeyed through all of the warm Canadian provinces, set foot in twenty-seven countries and darkened bar doorways in at least seventeen island nations. He is a hack guitarist, failed songwriter, barstool philosopher, and affable rummy. 

His current focus is on crafting new novels, his idols and influences being Carl Hiaasen, John MacDonald, Laurence Shames, Ralph Steadman and, of course, Bob Dylan. 

He currently resides with his wife in Florida, splitting time between Orlando and Ponce Inlet. He can be reached via the contact button on this website. Please send him an email if you'd like to receive free promo ebooks, news of upcoming releases, or just to give him a hard time.