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Sturgill Simpson: Fretting For those Who Can't

Every now and again I stumble across a new musical artist that awakens my interior and makes me want to create something, anything. I've spent countless hours strumming my six-string Takamine and wishing I could sound like Dylan, Grisman, Keller Williams. But I'm a musical hack and a failed songwriter on my best day with fingers too uncordinated to graduate beyond bar chords and a musical aptitude better built for kazoos, castanets, and tambourines.

Luckily, there's guys like #SturgillSimpson out there whose fingers don't get lost on the frets, whose thumbs know where to strum what string, how often and how hard. If you haven't listened to him yet, you should. He puts on a serious show here on #NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series .

The first tune in the single set is called "Turtles All the Way Down". Give it a listen. And for you curious, barstool philosophers out there, you may want to Google just exactly what in the hell "turtles all the way dow" is supposed to mean.


Gregory S. Dew

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